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Starlight Hotel Group is the right choice for visitors who are searching for a combination of charm, peace, quiet and a convenient position from where to explore surroundings.

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Starlight Hotel Group

With a clearly defined mandate to carve a customer-focused presence in the hotel segment for guests across Georgia and beyond, Starlight Hotel Group LLC is all poised to architect a responsible niche within the hospitality space. Starlight Hotel Group is renowned as one of the prominent hospitality companies in Atlanta.

Why Choose Us

Starlight Hotel Group LLC is a Duluth Georgia hospitality company that focuses on hospitality and related sectors with a commitment to bringing its customers the finest guest experience and support in the industry. The company is led by an industry stalwart who knows hospitality from the ground up. Seasoned corporate leadership and sound decision-making have enabled Starlight Hotel Group to emerge highly successful in these challenging and difficult times. Our flagship property, Home2Suites by Hilton in Roswell Georgia, has already built a solid reputation for top-flight customer service and customer retention.

The Company

At Starlight Hotel Group, we are firmly committed to transcending the expectations of our client communities in a spirit of transparency surrounded by ethical values. We are known as the leaders when it comes to hospitality companies in Atlanta, offering services that are second to no one.

Starlight Hotel Group Background


  • To uphold our values and mandates with integrity
  • To deliver on all the promises we make
  • To service our clients with full disclosure
  • To solve client challenges proactively
  • To address client inquiries ethically
  • To build and retain human talent without prejudice


  • To expand across the southeastern U.S. and serve our clients professionally
  • To architect a national identity for the company
  • To support local economies through local recruitment drives
  • To deliver projects that will generate substantial ROI for our clients
  • To forge long-lasting partnerships with international entities
  • To foster creativity through innovation
Starlight Hotel Group with Strong Leadership Presence

The Mandate

The senior management team at Starlight Hotel Group believes in building a confluence of leadership and teamwork so that it can deliver a rich customer experience to its guests across the board. The team consists of highly qualified and experienced managers and administrators who possess an in-depth knowledge of the hospitality industry not only from a corporate perspective but also from a customer perspective.


Starlight Hotel Group welcomes proposals from domestic and international groups to set up turnkey hotel construction projects in Georgia and other parts of the United States. Please write to us through our Contact Page to take the value proposition forward..

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Award-Winning Hotel Management Consultancy

Driven by brilliant entrepreneurial skills and strong business development, our mission at Starlight Hotel Group is to deliver new and effective ways for hospitality hotel operation management. Innovation helps you to succeed, which is why Starlight provides customized services and consultation to help you propel, improve, and grow throughout.

If you want to succeed in this industry, you need to understand that hospitality is all about people, not the company. Starlight focuses on what customer wants and expects, based on that we provide you with the services to not only increase your customer base but also build strong customer repute.

A hotel, with a distinctive character, has a competitive edge. Thus, to help you gain positive exposure and global reach, our experts thoroughly study the marketplace and provide you with strategies to excel eternally.

Making a Meaningful Difference

Starlight aims to inspire hotel owners and impress customers by using a holistic and ingenious approach. Progressive technology and robust features can do the incredible, and we are known to present all of it on the table.

Starving to deliver the best helps us to build successful stories. We are an unbeatable force that will help you with hotel management operations from inception to end.