Home2 Suites by Hilton Roswell GA
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Starlight Hotel Group is the right choice for visitors who are searching for a combination of charm, peace, quiet and a convenient position from where to explore surroundings.


Home 2 Suites Roswell Georgia

Have you ever wondered why 21st century hotel guests today prefer suites over rooms and extended stay properties over short stay room style hotels?

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The Company

Starlight Hotel Group LLC is a Lawrenceville Georgia-based company which focuses exclusively on hospitality with a strong commitment to bringing its customers the finest guest experience and support in the industry. This is only one of the reasons why Home2 Suites in Roswell Georgia is managed by a highly experienced team of professionals with a combined experience of over 100 years. The superior nature of our service is amply reflected in the courteous customer service our team provides our guests. Ongoing training which our employees receive directly from Hilton is one of the secrets to our success in keeping our guests smiling every time all the time.

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Reduce your Dependency on Restaurants

It is our mission to take our commitment to quality hospitality to the next level by launching more hotels in the Metro Atlanta area. We will soon be inaugurating two properties in Covington located a mere 35 miles from downtown Atlanta. Both properties will serve not only the business and leisure hotel stay needs of our guests visiting the area, we will also play host to the city’s thriving movie and film production industry by offering customized services to our special guests coming into town to work for the entertainment industry.

Treat your Pet to large Spaces

Our spacious suites will definitely delight your pet while you enjoy a true home away from home experience. Rather than feeling constrained in a single room, your pet will have a wide berth in which to unwind and frolic.

At Home2 Suites by Hilton in Roswell Georgia, we are committed to providing our guests with the perfect ambience that simulates a home stay. The added luxury of full-service housekeeping and security, combined with a quiet and serene environment, is perfect for both work and relaxation. Call us today to reserve your suite!