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Starlight Hotel Group is the right choice for visitors who are searching for a combination of charm, peace, quiet and a convenient position from where to explore surroundings.

Hospitality Industry Specialized in Georgia

Given the bewildering array of products and services available both online and offline that cater to the dynamic and diverse needs of the hospitality industry in Georgia, Starlight Hotel Group prides itself in its ability to provide its customers with the right product or service at the right time and at the right price. Our hotel group specializes in turnkey hotel projects with service and success in mind. We design, develop and deliver our projects with the utmost attention to quality and customer satisfaction. Our properties come to life because we build them from inception and do not sign off until the delivery is letter perfect.

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Turnkey Projects from Starlight Hotel Group involve the entire process of building a hotel property from the very foundation. We command demonstrated expertise in hotel architecture, design, planning, construction, franchise negotiations and eventually flipping the magic switch to launch the property and take it live. These services are rendered to our clients with no compromise to quality in a fully transparent environment.


Starlight Hotel Group can arrange all types of licenses, compliance certificates and pre-inspection services depending on the region of the country you choose. We can also arrange ISO and other international certifications for your property in a highly expedited environment.

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How Hotel Construction Companies Help in Developing Sustainable Sites
How Hotel Construction Companies Help in Developing Sustainable Sites


Count on Starlight Hotel Group to source the most qualified, experienced, and reliable human resources for your hotel property in Atlanta, Georgia. We also conduct background verification of your existing hotel employees including credit checks and law enforcement reports. Leave the little things to us while you remain fully focused on your hotel’s productivity and profitability.

A Strategic Approach towards Brilliance in Hospitality

To succeed in the highly competitive hotel management industry is by bringing uniqueness to the table. But with no prior knowledge of hotel property management how is this achievable?

The partner you select to manage your hotel services is not an overnight decision. Your choice of partnering with a hotel development company should be thoroughly and thoughtfully put. As this decision will define the overall success of your company. Starlight Hotel Group is a renowned hotel management service and consultancy providers in Atlanta.

For everyone to excel in the industry, you need to think, act, and respond rationally. If you are still following the old practices then maximizing the value and increasing the return on investment will feel like a tough road that can never be accomplished. Starlight Hotel Group is all about creativity and innovation.

Before launching you with any advice, we comprehensively study your local market, evaluate the run of tourists in the neighborhood, and see what kind of people your area attracts. Based on the analysis, we craft a detailed plan to help you efficient hotel management operations and enrich customer satisfaction.

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How Hotel Construction Companies Help in Developing Sustainable Sites
How Hotel Construction Companies Help in Developing Sustainable Sites

Driven Hospitality Management Services

From individual assets to intact hotel development, we are one of the best hotel management companies in Atlanta. To deliver you with customized services and solutions, Starlight Hotel Group leverages upon comprehensive hospitality expertise.

Our commitment to services speaks for us. We provide you with asset management, operational performance, strategic advice, and any other hospitality management services you are in search of.

Fostering longer-term relationships with result-driven strategies!